Helping people feed their dogs a complete and balanced diet using minimally-processed and preservative-free whole foods.

Looking for an easy and nutritious way to make your own home-cooked dog food?

Furoshnikov's Formulas:  the easy and nutritious way to make your own dog food!

This time of year in most of North America there's nothing like a nice warm bowl of soup or stew to take off the winter's chill, and we've yet to meet a dog who doesn't agree! 

Warm some broth to a comfortable temperature and pour it over your dog's home-cooked dinner.  You'll be sure to hear some happy lapping-it-up sounds as well as see some major tail wagging and happy dancing - especially after a walk in the great, cold, outdoors.  Just be sure to avoid any ingredients in the broth that upset your best friend's stomach or are known to pose a health risk (check out a list of these on WebMD).

Throughout the year, no matter the weather, put your leftovers, planned-overs, or just-for-the-dog ingredients to good use:  it doesn't take a complicated recipe or exotic ingredients to provide your dog with all the nutrients she needs!

Use our preservative-free supplement, made with human-grade ingredients, and other fresh, wholesome, minimally-processed ingredients from your own kitchen along with our basic recipe, and you'll be turning out gourmet meals for your special canine friend in no time at all!

Veterinarian formulated.

Laboratory tested.

Snout lickin' good!

Whether you're looking for an alternative to commercial dog food or just an occasional special treat, we're dedicated to making it as easy and economical as possible for you to make your own dog food.

Furoshnikov's Vitamins & Minerals for Home-Cooked Dog Food comes in convenient and economical bulk canisters so you can cook from scratch right in your own kitchen (recipe included).

Using Furoshnikov's products, you can do away with those cans and bags forever, or just provide your dog with a home-cooked meal from time to time. Either way, and every way in between, it is easier than ever to get started on making your own dog food.